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Privacy And Security Statement

Your Privacy Is Important to Us

We at the Pool Lobster Co. respect your privacy and want to protect it as best as we can. Our privacy practices and policies:

1)When you order from our site, we ask for your contact and billing information. We also use "cookies" to identify you when you visit our site. We collect this information to process your order and make it easier for you to buy from our site. We also use your email address to send you mail about offers we think you’ll be interested in.

2)We will use your phone number only if we need to talk to you about your order. We will not make unsolicited phone calls.

3)We do not and will not sell, rent, trade or distribute your email address or any other information about you to other companies or organizations.

4)If you do not want to get email from us, you can remove your name from our mailing list by sending email to unsubscribe@poollobster.com. Please include "Remove" in the subject line.

If you have questions or concerns, please call us at (207) 284-5000 or send email to help@poollobster.com.

Security Practices