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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Top-notch customer service is important to us, and we'll do whatever we can to make sure you're satisfied.

If your box arrives damaged, unpack and inspect your lobsters and seafood immediately. If the lobsters are moving and cold, refrigerate them. Note that cold temperatures make live lobsters sluggish. If the lobsters do not move at all when you unpack them, cook them as soon as possible. However, if there's a foul odor or if the contents are warm, discard them.

If your lobsters or seafood are spoiled because of late delivery or damage to the box, call us. We'll replace your order, credit your account, or refund your money. Note that all orders shipped overnight are insured.

While we make every effort to monitor weather in advance of your shipment, we are unable to reimburse losses associated with weather-delayed deliveries. Also, if your shipment is a gift to a third party, we suggest you notify your gift recipient of the date of the perishable product delivery as we are unable to reimburse losses if your recipient is not available to receive or claim the package on the day of delivery.

If there's a problem with your delivery due to shipping damage or delay or other causes, please send us an email to help@poollobster.com or call (207) 284-5000